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Standard of Living: Expenditure & Income
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17.11.2014 Findings from the 2013 Household Expenditure Survey on the 14 largest cities in Israel    list of tables   
29.10.2014 Findings from the Household Expenditure Survey 2013: Data on Income, Expenditure and Ownership of Durable Goods of Israeli Households Format Word  list of tables Format for Printing
5.11.2013 Paid Employees Income from the 2012 Household Expenditure Survey (Hebrew only)        
24.10.2011 Households and Families in Israel: Selected Data from the publication "Society in Israel No. 4" (Hebrew only)        
21.9.2009 Objective & Subjective Indices of Poverty & Social Exclusion (Hebrew only)        
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 Household Income
  Household Expenditure
 Ownership of Durable Goods
From List of Research Tools,Reports and Working Papers:
Income of employed women in their thirties
Private Versus Public Expenditure on Primary Education in Israel, 2003
Fringe Benefits and their Influence on Employee Wage Inequality Household Expenditure Survey, 2007
Overview of Interview Rates and Reasons for Nonresponse in the Israeli Labor Force Survey, 1996-2000
The incidence of direct and indirect Taxes on households in Israel 2003 and the impact on income inequality
Absolute poverty measure in Israel
HOUSING IN ISRAEL Data from the Household Expenditure Survey 1997-2012 ( S.P 1589)
INCOME SURVEY 2011 (S.P 1524)
HOUSEHOLD EXPENDITURE SURVEY 2011 General Summary (S.P 1517)
HOUSEHOLDS - Economic Characteristics and Housing Density, Based on Labour Force Surveys, 2008 (S.P. 1376)
Arab Households - Expenditure and Income, 2006 (S.P 1308)
Characterization & Classification of Local Authorities by the Socio-Economic Level of the Population, 2006 (S.P. 1401)
Household Expenditure Survey 2000-2002 - Households of Immigrants from the U.S.S.R (former)(S.P. 1231)
The Standard Classification of Occupations, 1994 (Technical Pub. No.64)
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Household Expenditure Survey and Income Survey 2010 (Statisti-lite)
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