Dictionary of Terminology(alphabetically sorted)
Imports and Exports
International Accounts
National Accounts
Dictionary of Terminology (alphabetically sorted)
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p Passenger (Subject: Transport)
Passenger car (Subject: Transport)
Passenger-kilometer (Subject: Transport)
Paved road (Subject: Construction)
Pedestrian involved in a road accident with casualties (Subject: Transport)
Person killed in a road accident (Subject: Transport)
Person licenced to drive (Subject: Transport)
Person seriously injured in a road accident (Subject: Transport)
Person slightly injured in a road accident (Subject: Transport)
Physical area for crops (Subject: Agriculture)
Portfolio investment (Subject: International Accounts)
Primary income account (Subject: International Accounts)
Primary incomes (Subject: National Accounts)
Private car (Subject: Transport)
Private construction (Subject: Construction)
Private consumption expenditure (Subject: National Accounts)
Producer's price (Subject: National Accounts)
Property income (Subject: National Accounts)
Public construction (Subject: Construction)
Purchaser's price (Subject: National Accounts)

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